In August of 2015, the opportunity to enter a writing contest was presented to me. I decided to enter the competition on a whim,  having never done anything like that before. I figured that I’d give it a shot because I couldn’t think of a reason not to. It turns out, I actually won!

This competition was a flash fiction contest where the entries had to be limited to no more than 500 words. The fun part of this competition was that it was to be judged by 5 NY Times bestselling authors!

The trick? We had to write our story based on 5 sentences – one sentence from each of those authors. You can view the competition on the original page, and see who the judges were here.

Those five sentences are here:

She noticed a hint of movement beneath the starlit trees. But, that was nothing compared to the trail of blood that led out of them. And there were seven bodies left behind. He was afraid to move. The knife might come out of his stomach. Fortunately, the song he was humming provided the power to keep him alive. Then moonlight glinted on antlers in the trees.

Using this prompt, I wrote Woodsong. You can see my submission and the other submissions at Henry’s site here.

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